Keep up the good work
29.10.2016, 20:21
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Very interesting. Keep up the good work. 

Kenneth Young 
19.08.2015, 18:11
Helo Susan, I hope you remember me from several years ago. (You returned some music for me to the WMU music library) Larry Milan and i are working on a project together and would like your participation. Will you please call me so that I can explain further? My cell is: 914 482 1843. I am in Richland until Aug. 24. Thanks, KEN 

Fritz Wolff 
01.05.2013, 05:25
The Suite 2 from Elizabeth....What a tremendous listening experience. One foot in this world and one foot in some other world. Margaret Buechner has to be one of if not the finest women composers of all time. Best wishes 

24.12.2012, 19:48
I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your performance in Ariadne in the Dresden DVD
Checked operabase and disappointed not to find you scheduled somewhere my wife and I might see you perform 'live.' 

Ham Croquettes - just one, you can do that, right?
Mark Ansel 
29.09.2012, 19:57
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Hi Susan.
I've lost track of you since we last communicated several years ago. We attended Western and graduated together in December 1975. I don't believe that I've seen you since August 1980, when you and I happened to be in Kalamazoo at the same time. Since then, you seem to have done well. I hope you'll catch up with me.
With best regards, Mark.

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